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带热泵的Aurora &Whynter Mini Split


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Whynter 12,000BTU (1 TONS)

Cooling + Heating (히트 펌프 포함)

Whynter & Aurora $649.99


제품 개요

Whynter 12,000BTU Mini Split, 최대 550평방피트공간. 12,000BTU냉각 성능, 11,800BTU의 히트 . 효율성 17 SEER 등급과 11 EER. 팬 최고 속도 44데시벨.

  • 냉각: 한여름 화씨 62~86도 온도 유지

  • 난방:   11,800BTU의 열로   따뜻하게 유지.

  • 공기 순환:   공기순환 팬 전용 모드.

  • 제습: 건조 모드하루에 최대 60파인트 수분제거

  • 자동 작동:   온도 설정, 유지.

    Product Overview

    Leave rooms up to 550 square feet comfortable all year long with the Whynter MSFS-012H23017-01NE 12,000 BTU Mini Split. With 12,000 BTUs of cooling power, an 11,800 BTU heat pump, and automatic operation, it provides the ultimate in set-it-and-forget-it comfort. Easy to operate, it’s equipped with a remote control, built-in safety features, and more. Efficient too, it has a 17 SEER rating and 11 EER.

    This Whynter Ductless Mini Split requires professional installation.

    Never Interrupts You

    Only 44 decibels on its highest fan speed, this mini split from Whynter never interrupts your sleep. At on even full power it’s still not much louder than a quiet conversation in a library.

    Built for Every Day of the Year

    With its powerful cooling and heating performance, the Whynter MSFS-012H23017-01NE and its multiple operating modes is the perfect solution for keeping you comfortable all year long.

    Cooling: Turn to cool mode during the heart of summer to find and maintain any temperature between 62 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Heating: Heat mode is the ideal option to keep you warm inside with 11,800 BTUs of heat even when the temperature drops outside.

    Air Circulation: When you don’t need heating or cooling but still want a gentle circulation of air, then fan only mode is the choice for you.

    Dehumidification: Eliminate that muggy feeling from your indoor space by using dry mode to remove up to 60 pints of excess moisture per day.

    Automatic Operation: Simply set your preferred temperature and automatic mode will select the right setting to maintain it.

    Easy to Operate

    Thanks to its remote control operating this Whynter 12,000 BTU Mini Split is easy. Whether you’re right next to the indoor unit or across the room, with just a simple touch of the remote you’ll be on your way to a more comfortable living space.

    Follow Me Feature: The remote control features a built-in thermostat to ensure you always have the correct temperature.

    Programmable Timer: Set this ductless air conditioner to automatically turn on or off up to 24 hours in advance.

    Sleep Mode: Runs the unit at a quieter setting and subtly adjusts the temperature to keep you comfortable all night long without wasting energy.

    Additional Features

    Turbo Mode: For quick cooling, heating, or air flow turn on turbo mode to run the fan speed at its highest setting.

    Installation Materials Included: All necessary materials required for installation are included with the mini split.

    Efficient Operation: It features impressive efficiency ratings including an 11 EER and SEER of 17.

    Directional Airflow: Swing and direct buttons on the remote let you change airflow direction as you need to.

    Included Filtration: Included high density and carbon filters helps to keep your indoor air cleaner and smelling fresher.

    Temperature Display: On the remote control, it clearly displays your set temperature.


    Cool and heat rooms up to 550 square feet with the user-friendly and quiet Whynter MSFS-012H23017-01NE Mini Split.

    What Customers Love

    Follow Me Feature: Ensures that the temperature is always right wherever you are by constantly reading the temperature of the air where the remote control is located.

    Automatic Operation: Just set your desired room temperature and let the unit automatically choose the right operating mode for you.

    Things to Consider

    Professional Installation: A professional is required to install this model and connect the outdoor to indoor units.

    Not Energy Star Rated: If you like the features of this unit but are looking for even more energy efficiency, consider the Energy Star rated Whynter MSFS-012H11522-01ES.


Whynter 24,000 BTU (2 TONS)Mini Split Heat Pump

               Cooling + Heating    $ 1,100


제품 개요   강력한 냉난방 성능,창고, 사무실, 지하실과 같은 대규모 주거 공간 필수품. 최대 1,500평방피트의 공간을 커버 설계。

  • 냉각 모드: 24,000BTU의 냉각 성능, 실내를 시원하게 유지.

  • 난방 모드:   25,000BTU 난방 성능, 따뜻하고 포근하게 유지.

  • 건조 모드:   비, 후덥지근한 날에는 매일   60파인트의   수분 제거.

  • 팬 전용 모드:   3단 팬으로 신선한 공기를 안정적으로 순환.

  • 자동 모드: 원하는 실내 온도를 화씨 62 - 86도로 설정

고급 인버터 기술 최고의 효율로 작동하도록 설계된   Whynter 미니 스플릿과 인버터 가변 속도 시스템은 다른 에어컨 옵션과 관련된 어려운 시동 및 정지를 제거합니다. 매우 효율적이어서 다음 등급을 받았습니다.

  • 에너지 효율 비율(EER): 9.5

  • 계절 에너지 효율 비율(SEER):   16.0


Whynter 36,000 BTU Mini Split Heat Pump

           Cooling + Heating     $1,500


제품 개요

압축기가 효율과 전력 소비를 동시에 최적화할 수 있는 인버터 가변 속도 시스템, 조용하고 에너지 절약형 장치로 설계. 인상적인 에너지 효율 비율, 비용을 절감할 수 있는 넓은 공간의 냉방 및 난방을 제공.

  • 냉각 성능: 36,000BTU의 냉각 성능.

  • 겨울 난방:   열 펌프는 36,000BTU의 따뜻함을 제공.

  • 습기 제거:   매일 최대 202파인트의   습기를 제거.

  • 공기 순환:    3단 속도 팬이 자체적으로 방 전체에 공기가 계속 흐르도록 할 수 있습니다.

  • 자동 모드:   화씨 62~86도에서 원하는 실내 온도를 선택하면 에어컨이 적절한 작동 모드와 팬 속도를 선택하여 도달

추운 날씨 환경에 적합

화씨 46도의 낮은 주변 온도에서 계속 가열할 수 있는 이 Whynter 미니 스플릿은 저온 가열로 제작되었습니다.


전화: 626-346-6729

카톡: rheebpm
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